Can you mix tetras together?

Generally, tetras will only school with members of their own species. They do this because they are best adapted to working with their own species to form a school. In a large group, it's easier to confuse predators if everyone looks the same. However, there are a few situations where different species school together.

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What fish do tetras get along with?

Rasboras, guppies, mollies, danios, betta fish, gouramis, and angelfish are just a few of the species that get along well with neon tetras, and they particularly get along well with peaceful fish in your tank.

Will neon tetras and glowlight tetras school together?

Even though they are schooling fish, glowlight tetras typically avoid forming schools with other species, even those that are similar to them in size and shape, such as neon and cardinal tetras. However, slow-moving fish and those with long fins are safe around glowlight tetras.
How many tetras can I put in a 10 gallon tank?
Considering that you can fit 7 neon tetras in a 10-gallon tank when they are each 1.5 inches long and that there is a high likelihood that they will grow to be close to 1.6 or 1.7 inches long, we advise going with 6 per 10 gallons to be safe.

Cardinal tetras are very similar to neon tetras in their care, and they can be kept together in an aquarium. They frequently even go to school together! It is advised to keep neon tetras in slow-running water to mimic their natural environment.
Which is better neon or Cardinal Tetra?
Whatever you decide, you can be sure they will be a colorful addition to your aquarium. If you want to save money, the Neon Tetra is the better option. If you are drawn to the vibrantly colored Cardinal Tetras, then you may be willing to budge on price.
How many tetras can go in a 5 gallon tank?
A five-gallon tank only allows you to keep three fish, which is less than the ideal number of fishes that makes up a tetra school; therefore, a nine-gallon tank is technically required for one school since a tetra school is best made up of six member tetras.
Will different fish school together?
Tetras, barbs, danios, rasboras, and rainbow fish, as well as specific types of loaches and Corydoras catfish, are considered true schooling fish as adults. Many aquarium fish species are known to form schools at certain times in their lives, primarily as newborn fry, for safety reasons.
Do black neon tetras school with neon tetras?
Neon tetras do well in a community tank, as long as tankmates are not big or aggressive, as they are a schooling fish and should always be kept in groups of six or more. They also make a nice addition to a larger community aquarium, as they are peaceful and easy to care for.
Will guppies eat tetras?
Guppies are very calm fish that wont cause any trouble in your tank, though occasionally they may get picked on depending on the other fish in there because of their long tails, which are a prime target for fin nippers.

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Will black and red phantom tetras school together?

As hardy species of tetras, black phantom tetras and red phantom tetras make good schooling partners. With each species of tetra, its important to pay attention to the required tank water pH.

What are good Tankmates for neon tetras?

Best Neon Tetra Tank Mates

  • Trigonostigma heteromorpha, also known as the Harlequin Rasbora
  • Danio rerios (Zebra Danios)
  • (Gasteropelecus sternicla) Hatchetfish
  • Poecilia reticulata guppies
  • (Boraras brigittae) Chili Rasboras
  • Trichogaster lalius, a dwarf gourami

Will rummy nose tetras school with neon tetras?

The Neons group together and the Rummys group together, but despite the fact that they dont go to school together, its still fun to observe their little clusters as they occasionally join forces to feed or simply swim around.

Is 3 neon tetras enough?

The more neon tetras you have, the better. Neon tetras are schooling fish, so the more the merrier. For best results, you should have at least 12. For minimum requirements, they should be at least 6. Three is insufficient, and with such low numbers, one of the neons will frequently be bullied by another.

Is 5 neon tetras enough?

No, five neon tetras is not enough. You should keep a minimum of six neon tetras in your tank; ten neon tetras is the ideal number to keep. Neon tetras are schooling fish that become stressed and die if there are not enough of them.

Which tetras can live together?

The cardinal tetra and the neon tetra are two small tetras with bright, almost glowing, blue stripes from head to tail and a red stripe below it. If fish resemble each other closely enough, they may swim together as a group.

What is the minimum amount of tetras?

The bare minimum you could have is six, but it is best advised that you add even more to your tank within a few weeks. Both the Cardinal and Neon Tetra like plants, and for the Tetras to thrive, they need to be able to follow the crowd.

Can 2 tetra fish live together?

As you can see, they can live together and make great tank mates, but if you do decide to keep them together, make sure you give them enough room and add lots of hiding places. For example, neon tetras should be kept in schools of six, while guppies should be kept in shoals of three.

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